Ruth Bollongino

Photography is my way to capture and express the beauty and wonders I see in nature. It has been my passion as long as I can think. I lost sense of time in the dark room of my parent’s house, developing black&white prints.

I became a biologist over my passion for life and aspiration to explore and understand the patterns and drivers behind it. Evolution is the basis of life which is constantly altering, adapting, and adjusting. Photography retains the ever changing scenery and environment and preserves unique moments. Photos offer a way to share and pass on these moments.

New Zealand is a playground for many arts. The sublime and unique ecosystem offers countless varieties of impressions and possibilities to explore the country, the landscapes, the wildlife. New Zealand is my home by choice. I am working in conservation, heading towards the great outdoors in every free minute.

Photography reminds me of the value and vulnerability of nature´s grand wilderness. By sharing these impressions I hope to raise the awareness of this wild and fragile beauty.